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Tips for Keeping Away from Electrical Shock

Electricity is one of the most innovative gifts to mankind. But if not dealt properly with it, it can prove highly dangerous to our safety and health. An electrical shock can be so dangerous that it can also kill. So, all you need to have in these crucial moments are an emergency electrician services. These emergency electrician services can solve your electrical problems with their knowledge and practised hand.

Electric currents leads to electric shocks from appliances and machines which results in severe injurie and even death. The severity of the injury completely depends on the current’s pressure that is the voltage and the amount and the type of current. Emergency electrician services are the best way to prevent and secure your family from electrical injuries.

Emergency situations

If an individual makes a direct contact with electric current, there are high chances that the muscle spasm can freeze them rendering them unable to move leaving in a state of shock.

If you see someone in such a situation, shut off the power source immediately. If you cannot switch the main power off, use anything that’s non-conducting – such as anything made of wood – to push the victim away. If you make physical contact with the individual, even you can be electrocuted and be severely injured.

If someone receives a serious shock, call for medical help immediately. Don’t forget to call emergency electrician services so that the episode is not repeated again.

Tips for keeping away from shocks

Electrical safety is necessary at work and as well as at home. If you adapt the following tips then you can be in a safe and a healthy environment.

  • Identify the possible electrical risk
  • Call for an emergency electrician services and replace or repair the damaged cords, appliances, wiring
  • Teach the young ones about the dangers and hazards caused by the electricity and advise them to stay away from these electrical devices
  • Cover the electric outlets with safety covers to keep the environment safe

GFCI-Protection against electrical shocks

GFCI stand for Ground fault Circuit Interrupter, it is an electrical device which offers protection against mostly all electrical shocks. The electrical codes are never constant, it keeps changing to protect your family.

As a homeowner, it is a duty to provide proper protection. It is all the more necessary if a house was built more than 25 years ago. Mostly all the experts advise to install GFCI as 60 percent of all deaths from the electrical shocks can be prevented after installing the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters.

Nothing can be prevented or delayed if it is destined to happen, but if we are alert then all we can do it at least minimise the effects. Plus, emergency electrician services can take care of all the loopholes.


The Importance of Electrical Grounding

In order to ensure the safety of your family and your home, the best way is to make sure that you have done electrical grounding. It is necessary to have done a new house electrical wiring. In a simple term, grounded connection means the connection between the electrical equipment and the ground. Another definition to grounding can also mean a new house electrical wiring, which is to change the electrical wiring in a new house.

This ground connection gives your appliances and devices a safe and secure place to discharge any misdirected or excess electrical current. This can prevent you from getting dangerous fir, shocks and other possible damages.

Grounding issues

Homes located in suburban areas and large cities generally face grounding issues. The problems are so much because in these areas there is an increased level of demand of electricity.

Another major problem in these areas is improper grounding. If conduit ad metal pipes comes into contact with open and exposed wires with any humans or any pets are at a high risk of getting a fatal electrical shocks. Therefore, it is very important to be doubly sure about the grounding of your electrical system and its safe keeping.

Risk of improperly grounded systems

There are many risks to have a new house electrical wiring issues which is either improperly grounded or it can also be not grounded at all. Older homes have high chances of their homes being not grounded at all, therefore in homes like these it is advisable to have a new house electrical wiring done altogether.

The most noticeable risk of an ungrounded electrical system is fire and electrical shocks. As electricity will always take a path which is least resistant, and you are also at a high risk if the excess electricity discharge is too much for an ungrounded device.

In a place where grounding has already been done, the current will be routed to the ground connection and safely into the ground without causing any damage.

But if your connection is ungrounded, the electrical current can also transfer to you, resulting in a fatal injury or even death. Also, the surge protectors will work only if they are connected to a ground connection. So, if you want the best protection to your appliances and electronic devices, be doubly sure that you are plugging them to your grounded electrical system.

Get an electrical inspection of your house

It is better not to take the chances of risk when the matter comes to electricity. It does not matter if your home is old or new, it better to have regular and timely electrical inspection in your house. Safety assessments are better on a daily basis so that you can identify any existing problems which could lead to an unsafe situation. This important step can ensure the safety of your family for future years.

Hence, make sure to get the electrical grounding done if you care about the safety of your family and if it is not done at all then you should surely go for a new house electrical wiring.

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